Laboratorio Lafedar
Laboratorio Lafedar


Originated in late 1995 as the model fora modern and powerful, independent national chemical-pharmaceutical industry, LAFEDAR has been developing a constantly growing activity in pursuit of reaching excellence on medicinal specialties for human use, investigating and making advancements on new products, innovative pharmaceutical ways and applying cutting-edge technology that highlights its presence in both the national and international pharmaceutic industry providing solutions to the most diverse pathologies that affect the population.

Nowadays, the company counts with a modern industrial complex in a 29.000m² property out of which 14.000m² are built upon and where the plant and all of its departments are located. Counting on approximately 200 employees to produce a significant portion of the 580 formulations registered before the Medication, Food and Medical Technology National Administration (ANMAT).

We are present in 28 countries located across Latin America, the Eastern Europe, and the Asian-Pacific region. Destinations with an ever-growing relevance.


LaboratoriosFederalesArgentinos (Lafedar) was born and it was authorized for the production of non-sterile liquid and semisolid, and sterile liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms. Initial Plant Employees: 3 people
Started to export to Central and South America, emphasizing trade relations with Cuba and Peru.
First plant expansion of LaboratoriosLafedar.
First plant expansion of LaboratoriosLafedar.
Acquisition of surrounding land for expansion of the existing plant. New Areas: Ophthalmic and solid products. 4940 m² have been allocated for deposits of raw materials, semisolids and finished products.
A purchase of a substantial number of oncology and antiretroviral drug certificates from important domestic and international companies is made.
Construction and authorization of the new manufacturing plant for finished and solid products. Launch of the Technical Degree in Drug Manufacturing (National University of Entre Ríos, UNER) with considerable involvement of our company.
Current plant of employees: more than 200 collaborators. 1/3 of them are professionals.
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