Laboratorio Lafedar
Laboratorio Lafedar


At Laboratories Lafedar our main strategy is to invest in the growth of our R&D Department to create new opportunities in the market as well as alternatives for import substitution. In this way, we work to find the best management and therapeutic response provided by our medical specialties.

Our main goal is to position ourselves with innovative services and advancemedicines in different therapeutic lines with the aid of R&D strategic planning to achieve satisfactory results in the medium and long term.

Within the context of a comprehensive view of the markets, the investment that we make in this area focuses on attracting new clients in order to successfully move forward in the development of the necessary analyses that lead us to comply satisfactorily with the international registrations, and its support documentation, including the stabilities of the products in the target country.

At Laboratories Lafedar we take care of the Galenic and Pharmaceutical Development, Analytical Development and the creation of Dossiers. Our cutting-edge technology ensures the results of the most advanced manufacturing practices.

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+54 (0343) 4363000
Valentin Torra 4880 - Parque Industrial Gral. Belgrano - Paraná - Entre Ríos - Argentina
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