Laboratorio Lafedar
Laboratorio Lafedar


LAFEDAR (Federal Argentinian Laboratories) emerges in Parana, Entre Rios, in the late 1995 as the model of a modern and thriving, independent national pharmaceutical industry.

We are a company dedicated to the development and production of medical specialties with the highest quality standards. Nowadays we provide over 600 products for both the national and international markets, as well as technical production areas that include robotic technology for its procedures.

We have covered over 17 therapeutic lines through a constant pursuit of innovation, research and development, generating innovative products to satisfy a national demand along with foreign demands as a straightforward export model.

Permanently renowned by different awards that praise our efforts in research and development, innovation, social commitment, amongst other areas, LAFEDAR positions itself as a company in constant growth with a strong foreign presence.

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+54 (0343) 4363000
Valentin Torra 4880 - Parque Industrial Gral. Belgrano - Paraná - Entre Ríos - Argentina
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