Our story begins at the end of 1995.

Laboratorios Federales Argentinos (LEFEDAR) began as a model for a modern and categorical National and independent Pharmaceutical Industry. In this way, in our eagerness to continue growing, we established ourselves in the west of the territory of Entre Ríos, in the department of Paraná – Capital of the Province – as a company dedicated to the development and elaboration of medicinal specialties with the highest quality standards.

It is crucial to highlight that our beginnings were with products that, 26 years later, continue to be recognized in the market, forming a broad commercialization portfolio.

Today, we are consolidated as a leading company in the health sector. We have more than 600 marketable products in the national and international market and we continue to look for alternatives to carry out related investments targeting new markets with our innovative pharmaceutical formulas. Likewise, having as main objective to optimize the quality of life of each patient, and thanks to the permanent search for research and development, we have managed to cover 20 therapeutic lines.

These years of experience, allowed us to acquire prestige and achieve a growing participation in the sector of the Argentine and International Pharmaceutical Industry through the development of medicinal specialties that provide therapeutic solutions to the most varied pathologies.